Mission Tour & The Hunt For New People

Hey Family!

Great week here in Weslaco. We saw a ton of success and a few letdowns but such is missionary life right?

This week Elder Kopishke (don’t ask me how to pronounce his name) of the Seventy came to do a mission tour with us! It was super cool having him there. One of the coolest things he taught us is about Faith and Love. He really stressed that to get solid investigators and converts, we have to be showing our love for them. President shared a story of a person that was blind that they were teaching. He eventually decided not to continue taking the lessons. One day they were biking up a little hill in Guatemala. He saw the blind man, and felt the impression to stop and to give him a ride. So, President gave him a ride on his bike while he had to stand and pedal. It was around 5 miles to his house. So, to make a long story short, the guy ended up being prompted to go to church and eventually got baptized. Showing love for the people we serve is truly one of the most Christ like things we can do. It taught me a lot and I hope to improve my love for the people we teach so it’s like Christ’s love.

We have been hunting for people in our area like crazy! We found 10 people this week. Some are really cool and have potential but we haven’t gotten anyone to come to church yet.

One of my favorite people we found last week is named Estrella. She is the wife of a member that we met at FHE last Monday night. We started talking and they decided it would be cool if we came over. We came over and her husband Sergio sat down. This guy is a fireball. He told us “Look, Elders, my goal is to come back to church, marry my wife in the temple and live together forever.”. I was shocked. This guy is less active. So, we asked his wife what she thought about all that. She told us she would love that. They are pretty golden. He is currently trying to change his work schedule so we can make church happen. But, this is honestly the best possible situation. As missionaries, I feel like we often look at baptism as the main goal. But, seeing someone eventually prepare for the temple and marriage would be the coolest thing I think.

Another person we found is Kevin. He is a member that went less active a couple of years back. We are now teaching his mom and a couple of his younger siblings.

There is a ton of potential in this area. The field is truly white and ready to harvest. We just need to get out there and do it. Super excited and blessed to be here!

I love you guys so much. I hope you guys have great weeks!


Elder Russell


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