Jesus The Christ

Hey Family!

This week has been super good! I started reading the book “Jesus The Christ” By James E. Talmage about 3 months ago and just reading a few pages here and there during studies in the morning. I finally finished this week! What a spectacular book. It was about 794 pages! It was huge. It encompassed all the stories of Christ and explanations of the parables. I have learned more about Chist from this book than anything I have ever read. If you haven’t read it, I would invite you guys to! It’s super good. No book besides the Book of Mormon and Bible have grown my testimony in my Savior as much. I know if you guys read it, It will do the same for you.

Last Monday was super great! We had an activity clear down in McAllen chapel with the McAllen zone and the Mission zone. So there were like 60 or some odd people there. It was super great. People dressed up and we had a bar-b-que. President stopped by with a’lot of the office staff. They set up a ping pong table and people ate and played basketball! It was a great halloween. President wanted us in at least by 7:00 that night. People have a ton of party’s down here with drinking so he doesn’t want us out on the roads at all. Elder Sheehy bought a brand new Monopoly game that you use credit cards. We played that for the rest of the night and had a ton of fun!

We have been working super hard these past couple of weeks looking for some miracles. We visited a less active lady that Elder Wilson said was pretty nice. We were talking with her on the porch and I told her that we missed her at church this last week. She said that she was there! Apparently she’s active and we had no idea. That’s what you get for being in a ward with a ton of people. She also told us that she had been bringing her non member boyfriend. We were shocked! We had someone coming to church that we didn’t even know about for a couple of weeks! We met him Sunday and he’s a good guy. We want to set up a teaching appointment with him ASAP.

We found a new super cool family this week! Their names are Gerardo and Letzie. They are a super cool couple and just had a brand new baby. Letzie is from down here in the valley and Gerardo is from Mexico. But, the coolest part is that Gerardo took lessons in Mexico and his brother got baptized down there! He lives in Corpus now but we are super excited to teach them. We met them trying to find another investigator when we saw he had some couches in his truck. We knocked on his door and asked him if he needed help. He said yes, we helped him and then taught the restoration! They should be super cool investigators.

It was a great week! Thank you all for being so great!

Con Amor,

Elder Russell


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