Transfer 11 and hard work

Dear Familia Russell,

What a week! Elder Wilson and I finally got the miracle we had been really praying for. We worked hard all week and I think we just laid it all out there. Our results at church hadn’t really been the best and that was our focus this week. We found a ton of people. More than I ever had in my whole mission. We had 8 at church! How cool right? A huge family of 9 (only 7 can be baptized.) and Luis came for his fourth time! We are super excited for this coming Transfer together. The area is doing awesome and we are way excited to be having some success.

So, the miracle story of church. We were at church at 11:45, to be at the cordination meeting at 12. We were watching the other Elders fill up the font for their baptism that day and we noticed a guy in a camo jacket and his girlfriend sitting on the couch. We went up and started talking to them! We had never met them but some other elders had invited them! When we walked up, he was reading the Book of Mormon and had two pamphlets open right by him. He had been studying! Such a cool family. We were so excited. They were an hour early to church though! So, while they were waiting, we guided them over to the baptism the other elders were having and they got to see one! So cool. They loved it. They now have a goal of being married and baptized in the church!

Cool experience with a less active this week. We were over knocking a door of a less active family and they answered. They let us in and we started teaching them. All of a sudden, another member of the family that is also less active walked in. She started asking questions and the spirit touched her heart. She started crying and telling us about a ton of anxiety and depression like symptons she had been having this week. She said she knew God was the only answer and she just sobbed. She asked us how to get closer to him. We taught her about The Book of Mormon, Prayer, and Church. Super cool experience. God put us in the exact right place when we needed to be there!

Transfers came in this morning! Elder Wilson and I will be sticking together for one more here in Weslaco! I’m so excited! I hope the area can just do better and better. Also they told me I will have the opportunity to be the District Leader! It should be super fun. I’m way excited to have the experience to serve and love other more.

I love you all so much! Have great weeks!

Elder Russell


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