Wedding Bells and 8 @ La Iglesia

La Familia Russell,

What a week! Elder Wilson and I have been so blessed. We have been teaching three families that all came to church again this Sunday! One of whom, the Ortiz family, are going to get married on Saturday, and baptized on Sunday! They are beyond excited. They are so prepared by the Lord for this Gospel. Bro. Ortiz is tearing up the Book of Mormon. He is already in Mosiah 28! He is unemployed right now so he studies the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon for a ton of time each day. He is truly amazing. They have been together for about six years now and have never gotten around to getting married. They are excited to take the step and even more excited to get Baptized by the correct authority.

A crazy experience this week. In one of the families that came to church. The Dad in the family left the family about a month ago. Just walked out. The whole family was super heartbroken. The three year old in the family is constantly crying now, he stays up at night waiting for his Dad. During church, he almost cried all of sacrament. At the end of sacrament, we decided to ask if he needed a blessing. We gave on, to a crying, screaming, baby. It was tough! We did it and he seemed more calm by the end. Super tough situation. Because of that, some of the family can’t stick around for all three hours.

In the ward this week, we had a fiesta for La día de action de Gracias. (Thanksgiving). It was way cool! It was funny. We had a TON of people there, but yet, when sacrament meeting came, there were less people in the sacrament meeting! Super crazy! People truly make an effort when food is involved. That was my life lesson I learned for this week.

That’s about it for this week! I LOVE YOU ALL A TON. Thank you so much for the support and love you guys send me every week! You all are in my prayers.


Elder Russell


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