La Fiesta de La Boda, Y Los Confirmaciones

Dear Family,

What a week! Super cool stuff happening down here in Weslaco in the area of Indian Hills. Elder Wilson and I had a really successful week. We found a lot of potentials and got a couple of people at church this week. Sadly the family of six couldn’t show up this week but it is the first week they have missed.

First good thing that happened is we had the confirmation’s of the Ortiz family. Getting the chance to confirm these two was such a blessing. The feeling when you confirm somebody is just indescribable. Literally you feel such an energy from the Spirit. They felt so good after. Also, It was a great experience being there for the first time that they partook of the sacrament after being baptized and confirmed. It’s a huge testimony builder for me on the Atonement. What a blessing it has been to be able to witness this transformation in their lives. We got the opportunity to see there countenance change and look more like our Savior.

Next, I would say the coolest thing would be that we threw a ward party for the wedding of the Ortiz family. It was so much fun! Not a ton of people got the notice so the whole ward wasn’t there but we made it fun anyways. We had a dish called Mole, beans, and rice. Traditional Mexican meal down here. Actually they threw in mashed potatoes too that were arguably leftovers from Thanksgiving. Who knows down here.

Luis came to church again. His 7th time in a row and we have only taught him one lesson. He is the hardest man to get a hold of in the entire world. He’s turning more active than most of the members in the ward though! (just kidding) Hopefully he progresses pretty soon and we are able to meet with him more and get him Baptized.

Other than that, life’s good! Elder Wilson and I are doing really well and are enjoying serving the Lord.

Love you all so much!

Elder Russell


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