Exchanges, and Priesthood Power

Hey Family!

Another great week out here in Weslaco serving the Lord. So, this week was a little slower than some of the other weeks this month. I know it might sound crazy, but the temperature dropped pretty low and people didn’t want to answer their doors this week. It made for a pretty slow week. Temperatures we heard are going to climb back up to about 80 this coming week so that will be good. The missionary work should heat up as well.

Candelario got ordained this past Sunday to the office of a Priest. I got the privilege of giving it to him. It was an awesome experience. The ward is definitely starting to take over in the conversion process of these him though. It’s great. We didn’t even know that he was getting the priesthood. They just all of a sudden pulled us in and said, alright guys he’s getting the priesthood, which one of you want’s to do it?

The Sanchez and the Garcia family didn’t get a chance to show up to church this week. They got in their car and started it up and they had car troubles. But, the good news is that we set up a service project for the youth this Saturday to help them fix up their house. There is a massive amount to do and they are definitely feeling very loved by the church. Hopefully we can baptize the rest of the 5 of them pretty soon here.

President came down Tuesday for interviews. They were really good. He helped me get some super good revelation for the district. I love President Torres because every 6 weeks, we get a zone conference and interviews with him. He is way involved in the lives of his missionaries.

Love you all!

Elder Russell


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