Christmas Time Is Almost Here!


Man, I was just thinking of how fast the time has gone on my mission. Guys, it still feels like I just barely got out here! So weird that I’m hitting my second Christmas out here in the field. There’s no surprise that the time is going too fast though. I love being out here. I have met some of my best friends out here and have been helping the Lord Jesus Christ progress the most important work that there is. I have witnessed how the Lord really does bless his missionaries, even though at times, his missionaries aren’t the best or most talented, but, He makes up the rest.

Cool miracle story of how The Lord helped Elder Russell this week. So, there we were in Subway and we were waiting in line with a member. I notice a gentleman right next to me sitting in a booth looking at us kind of funny. I got the impression to give him a card. I didn’t. I know dumb right? We got our food and the guy was still looking at us kind of weird. I got the impression again. I didn’t go. Finally, I borrowed a card from Elder Wilson, walked across the restaurant and handed him the card and sat down by him. He looked shocked and I introduced myself as a Representative of Jesus Christ. We talked for a while and as it turns out, he was at our church the previous week checking it out. He went last Sunday! I invited him for this coming Sunday and he came! But, the bummer news is he ditched out after sacrament when my back was turned. So, I’m sure he will be back but it really was a miracle.

We are still working with several investigator families. Were doing super super well in the area. The projection of for sure baptisms in the area is six with some other ones that could definitely happen. We set a baptismal date with one of the coolest couples that we’re teaching named Ramone and Feliciana. They are my favorites. They would be getting baptized this weekend but they have family coming over and they aren’t sure if they will go to Mexico or not.

Christmas time is here! Way excited for this year. We are having our missionary Christmas conference tomorrow in McAllen. Everyone from the whole mission will be there and we are going to be doing gifts, and skits, and other cool things. Can’t wait! I’ll give y’all an update next week! Love y’all and make sure to have a very merry Christmas time!

(Also, Try to remember Jesus too.)


Elder Russell


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