Wow, I can’t really believe that time has gone so fast! There goes my second Christmas in the mission field. So weird to think that I’m this far out. But, I feel the change that I have made on my mission thus far. I feel like I have grown as a person a ton. I have acquired a real personal relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ, and have helped others do the same. I feel so blessed to have been called here to the Texas Mcallen misson. I love every day out here. Even the hard times and the days where nobody seems to want missionaries around, I am loving my mission.

What a cool Christmas this year! We started the day eating breakfast at a members house. German Pancakes and spicy sausage with fruit. Next, we went to church. This week all three wards were together in the same meeting. About 305 people came to church. It was way too much. Who knows who we had at church this week? We couldn’t even tell where our own members were. Hectic but really fun. After that, we went and studied for a while and went and skyped. Seeing all of you guys was definitely a breath of fresh air. I love you all so much and appreciate and love the support I get from each and every one of you!

Still teaching Ramon and Feliciana. They are progressing so good. They are both way excited about their baptismal date on the 7th of January. Two weeks away! I can’t wait. Ramon completely dropped off coffee the first time we taught the word of wisdom too. They are truly an elect couple and are going to do great in the Church.

Sis. Cavasos came to church again this Sunday. It was really good seeing her there. She is coming along slowly but surely. It will take a little bit more time in the conversion process because of her strong catholic background. But, little by little she is really making some good progress.

Those are the main things. But, I love you all. I hope you all have a very fantastic new year and a great 2017.

Mucho Love,

Elder Russell


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