Mission Leader Conference

Querido Familia Russell,

Hey Family! I hope everyone’s weeks were super good. I sure had a better week now that I don’t cough every couple of seconds. Elder Wilson and I have been working super hard to try to find new people with not a ton of success this week. But, we will continue working and searching for the miracles that are just around the corner.

So, first kind of a bummer for this week was that Ramone and Feliciana did not get baptized. They had their interview and passed but I feel as if they have a little bit of fear of getting baptized. We are going to try to crush their doubt about it and hopefully they will get baptized in a couple more weeks.

An awesome tender mercy that Elder Wilson and I had this week is about an investigator we found our first transfer; Francisco. He is so great. We knocked on his door and he was way busy. So he talked to us outside for a couple of minutes. We gave him a Book of Mormon for him and his wife last time and challenged them to read 3 Nephi 11. They both read (which is a miracle in and of itself.) and they prayed (which is the second miracle) and Francisco got an answer! He told us he got a strong desire and feeling that he should be baptized. So cool. We were in shock to say the least. The problem is he had to sell his restaurante in Mexico because the cartel was stealing too much of his money so he is just a server here. He works every day of the week. He needs a miracle to be able to get Sunday off. Please pray for him!

Another great thing we had this week was missionary leader conference! It was super fun! I got to see so many friends from the mission ! It was great. President is really excited for a new year and a new start. We talked a lot about goals and becoming stronger disciples of Christ with a true desire to serve him. He promised us all that before he leaves this mission, we will hit 200 baptisms in this mission. Wow. That would be almost tripling what we get now. I really hope I am here to see that!

I love you all and hope you had good weeks and keep enduring to the end!


Elder Russell


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