Tender Mercy at Church


What a fantastic week. I felt the Lords hand in our lives so many times in this week it was awesome. I will try to tell all the stories! Sorry if I leave out some.

First of all. Luis from Guatemala. He is so cool. We were tracting on a street and saw him outside and called over to him. He is friends with another new investigator family we just found that are from Honduras. They are awesome as well. But, we went over to Luis’s apartment. He is poor. He has four kids in Guatemala that he’s trying to make money for. He needs the gospel so bad. We were talking to him about repentance and our opportunity to change for the better in this life. He told us that he knows that already. Half his family in Guatemala are Mormon! Three of his family members have served missions. After he told us that he said it’s time that I got baptized too! Elder Wilson and I were pretty blown away. He wasn’t able to go to church yesterday but he will come next week!

Ok second miracle. Elder Wilson and I have been working so hard this week just knocking and knocking, asking people who they know. We found eleven people. That’s pretty good right? We thought so. About eight of them were committed to church. We were in the chapel, texting people seeing where they were and nada. Well, I was feeling pretty down and then right when the bishop got up to start the meeting, a couple of elders that aren’t in our ward walked in with a lady. I thought “well that’s weird.” After the meeting I basically ran over to meet them. They told me that they had found her just a couple of days ago and her whole family is interested! We were so excited. Her whole family of 4 came to church yesterday. The kids went to English but they will come to Spanish next week. Guys, The Lord does not leave his children without blessings if they are keeping the commandments and doing the best they can. I know that. It’s been such a testimony builder for me.

Third Miracle. We are working with a family named the familia Rojas. They are awesome. Both Elder Wilson and I care a lot about them. They all accepted a Baptismal date for the third weekend in February. Awesome. We are pumped about that.

I think those are about the biggest ones but it was crazy guys. I love the Lord so much. He definitely knew that Elder Wilson and I needed a boost and he lifted out spirits when we needed it most.

Les Amo.

Elder Russell


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