Sister Mark!

Hey Family!

Wow, just imagine if I were a sister missionary, I would be on a plane home tomorrow! I am super thankful that I’m an Elder though! Six more months to go and find people and start filling up the font!

This week was really good! Elder Wilson and I had three people at church. Solid people! First we had a couple named Luis and Perla. Luis is from Guatemala and Perla is from Mexico. They are both super cool! They were about to get a Taxi to church but I decided there would be way too many things that could go wrong with that so we called a member up and got them a ride. It was good! They both loved it but didn’t really understand much of their first meeting. (Fast and Testimony) I tried to explain it the best I could but they both really preferred the second class. (Gospel Principals.)

The third person was Suzy again! I was so scared that she wouldn’t show up. We had a great restoration lesson with her whole family! It was so Tex-Mex because the kids have awful Spanish (which is weird because that’s all their mom speaks). Anyways,We didn’t see her in sacrament and I was kind of bummed. We were walking to Gospel Principles and I open the door and BAM, Suzy is sitting down, already has her book cracked open to the next chapter in Gospel Principles and she was reading. She is golden. She again participated the most in class and then two hours after, brought all her kids to English and waited for them there. But the coolest thing about Suzy is, we were in the restoration lesson with her and she said “Elders I have something to tell you, I was reading my Book of Mormon while I was waiting for my kids in English and this feeling came into my chest. There is no word for it. I guess it would be peace right?” My jaw dropped and I told everybody to open to Galatians 5:22 where it talks about the fruits of the spirit of God. She already has her testimony! Our goal this week is to get a baptismal date for her ASAP.

Other than that we have a lot of people we are working with! There is a ton of potential in the area and I hope I get to stay this coming transfer! I will let you all know first thing next week!

Love you all!

Elder Russell


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