Mi Verdacito

Querido familia!

Man what a week here in Weslaco. Elder Wilson got transferred! Kind of weird not being with him all the time after 4 1/2 months of being companions. But, the cool thing is I got a Greenie in the mission! His name is Elder Jobs and he is from Bonn, Germany. He is a fireball. I love him a ton. A couple things about him, he speaks 7 languages, soon to be 8 when he gets Spanish down, he likes soccer, and just being a goof. He learned English in school and speaks it pretty good. He struggles with specific words that are technical. For example like the word “outlet” he didn’t know. Really specific things you wouldn’t say on a regular every day basis. Anyways, he is super cool and I’m super excited to be training him!

Well, the district also shrunk a little with transfers. Weslaco 2b got shut down and now my district got moved to just a four man. But it will be super good though! Elder Smith and Rodriguez got moved together and Peake got transfered and Holt went home!

Crazy story this week, Elder Jobs and I were just writing in our journals at the end of the day on Saturday and I get a call from our ward mission leader. He was like “Hey so sorry this is short notice but can you give a talk tomorrow?” I was shocked! But no problem I guess. I prepared it and I got a lot of compliments from members. I told a couple of stories from earning my own money for my mission and a member came up to me after thanking me so much for my talk and talking about that because it inspired her kids to work for their missions. It made me feel pretty good!

We had 5 people at church this week! Suzy and her family came, which would make it the third time for them. They are set for their baptismal date on the 29th of February. That should be awesome. Also Luis from Guatemala also came for the second time in a row. He is super cool! He has some addictions and several things to overcome but we are super excited to help him turn his life around.

Other than that we are just working hard to find some new people to teach and trying our best to be worthy of the miracles of the Lord! I guess another cool thing that happened is I bought a Ukelele and I got it this week! I will send pics.

Love you all!

Elder Russell


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