Getting The Hang of Things

Dear Family,

I have had a wonderful week here in Weslaco, TX. The Lord has been blessing us a ton with so many cool miracles and good potential for the future. It’s funny how most of the time, I don’t even feel worthy or ready for the miracles the Lord gives us, but that just shows the infinite mercy of our Father in Heaven. He loves us so much.

First kind of cool thing that happened. You know how last week I had to give a talk with no notice, well, this week, I had to teach Sunday school with no notice as well! It was good though because we had six investigators at church this week and so we got a good chance to talk about prayer with them! All of them loved the service and are all doing good.

We have a huge focus right now on the Familia Murillo. They are GOLDEN. Especially the mom, Suzy. She is getting baptized next week. She’s so ready. We gave an example of how Baptism is the gate we need to enter to get on the path of God. She loved it. We asked her when she wanted to get baptized. She said “tomorrow if you want!” So, we are going to be preparing her a ton this week. She still has a couple of lessons to go and a few commandments but everything should be dandy for next week. Elder Jobs and I are way excited to see her make this commitment with out Father in Heaven. She is super ready for it.

OK people, well we were struggling with finding this week. We were trackting Friday and we had found about two people all week. Awful. That NEVER happens in the valley. We were feeling pretty down and so we decided to pray. We asked God for a miracle. Probably about 20 minutes later, we knocked on a door and I needed to go to the bathroom SO bad. I asked him if I could use his bathroom and so we were already in the door we asked if we could share a message. He said yes and we learned he had already read the whole Book of Mormon, has a testimony of Joseph Smith, and believes we are the true church. His name is David and he is the coolest. He has throat cancer and is getting his last round of chemo this Tuesday. He said after that he will be coming to church! It seems too good to be true almost but we are beyond excited to teach him!

Miracles are out there! I love you all. I hope you guys have a great week!


Elder Russell


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