Off To Sinton Zone!

Hey Family!

Well, it comes to a close of an amazing six months here in Weslaco. It feels like my second home here. I love so many of the people here and especially the people I have come to love and help convert to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had the beautiful opportunity of Baptizing Coral and Anthony Murillo yesterday. We have been blessed with so much success I feel overjoyed.

We had a funny moment this week. We had a member family call us in some distress to meet them at the church to give blessings. No problem right? We get to the church and hop out of the car and I hear a sound of air. I thought, well that’s weird. Our engine is making a weird noise. I realized it was the tire and it was losing air so fast. I thought, well we will take care of it after we take care of the family. We went inside, gave the blessings, and came back out and the tire was absolutely flat. Dangit. We changed a tire and drove to the shop. I never saw any nails or anything in the tire just a random flat I guess? The shop never told us either.

So, my next area will be in the zone of Sinton! I’m not exactly sure where my area is yet, I heard it was somewhere called Robstown, TX? I’m not positive but I just know I will probably be speaking English once again. Another note is I will be serving as a Zone Leader for the Sinton zone. I got the call last night. I feel super inadequate to take the call, But I have trust in the Lord that he can support me. I hope I can please Him and do the best I can!
Not too many other crazy adventures this week. I love the mission. I testify the gospel is true. Study it, live it, and love it people! God will bless you for it.


Elder Russell


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