The Fuzz and a Missionary Leadership Conference

Hey Family!

So, well generally, I’m a decent driver. I’ve gotten in one accident in my whole life and never been pulled over. But, we had another monthly MLC meeting this month in McAllen. It’s super different now in my new area because I’m not 20 minutes away from the mission office, I’m 3 hours away. So, we were driving down and the speed limit down to McAllen is really consistently 75 MPH. I was driving along, having a good old time with my companion and the two district leaders in our car and BAM. I saw red and blue lights shining right behind me. Dangit. So apparently, we drove through a city that changed to a 55 MPH speed limit and I got clocked going 23 over. Needless to say, the cop wan’t feeling too charitable (it was the 31st of the month, there is quotas to meet here in Texas) and I got hit with a 270 dollar ticket.

The missionary conference was really good though! The mission hit 68 baptisms. I haven’t seen it so high since I came in the mission. With the numbers and the people we have right now, our goal as a mission is hitting 100. It should be really good. President Torres talked about giving our whole hearts to the Lord. He talked about how we do that completely and how true discipleship and conversion is a lifelong process. That giving your heart to God isn’t a one time prayer, or a one time decision, but it has to be a lifelong constant thing that you do with God. It effected me a ton! It was a great training.

General Conference was so great this year. I specifically loved the talk from Russell M. Nelson. I want to challenge all of you, if you didn’t, to look at his talk! “When you reach up for the Lord’s power in your life with the same intensity that a drowning person has when grasping and gasping for air, power from Jesus Christ will be yours. …” How cool is that? I love that analogy. Apply it in your own lives! I promise you all that you can feel the presence of our savior stronger in your life if you do the small acts of faith, if you pray earnestly, read the scriptures intently, and attend church with questions for God and willing to learn, I promise you all, just like Russell M. Nelson promised, you will feel the power of Christ.

We got two people to conference this weekend. One watched it from home and one came to the chapel. He loved the talk about the Holy Ghost by Dale G. Renlund. He said he had never completely learned about who the Holy Ghost was and why he was important. So cool to see poeple have their every day lives effected by the gospel of Christ. His name is Luis and he is looking like a good potential. He is a very humble, uneducated man that works on cars but is willing to learn all we have to teach him.

I love you all so much. I pray for you all and I am having the best time of my life out here in the field. I learned this week that serving God isn’t always a path without bumps or roadblocks, but God will always help us overcome, especially when we are in his service.

Les amo!

Elder Russell


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