¡Que Milagro!

Hey Family!

So, as it turns out, the judicial system really pulled through for Elder Russell this week!  So, If y’all remember, I got a ticket a couple of weeks ago for going 23 over the speed limit. That’s nearly a 300 dollar ticket here. I was pretty worried about it. So, Elder Peterson and I, (my comp for the day, we were on exchanges) went to the clerks office down in Falfurias, about halfway to McAllen from our area. I asked her where I was supposed to sign in. She got up and asked me what I was in for. I told her that I had gotten a ticket and I started telling her all about it. I told her that I only get 125 dollars a month (not a lie) and that we mostly live off of ramen noodles and sandwiches (also not a lie)  and just kind of talked really frank with her. She said “you know what, I’m actually the judge of the court. Come step in my office”. Elder Peterson and I rounded the corner with the biggest grins on our face. She ended up writing off the entire ticket because of how much she respects missionaries. Nice lady and a huge miracle for me!
Last night, we were riding our bikes in the dark and we were going to an investigator. It was about 8:55 at night and we thought it might be a little late but we might as well try. Right as we knocked, the guy answered (homer) and said come in! We were pretty excited and so we started going in and a guy across the street called over “Hey, Wait one minute!” A pretty big guy starts coming over to us. He seemed pretty nice. He came over and shook our hands. He told us that he was in major need from the church right now because in his words, we are the best of the best in “prepping”. I assumed he meant food storage and so we hooked him up with the bishop up where he lives. He ended up being a member and he was SO thankful for running into us. After that we had a really good lesson with Homer and he seems really interested in the Book of Mormon.
We are still working with Gloria. She had to miss church this last week because she went up to San Antonio to help a sister move out. We are moving her Baptismal date to the 30th of this month. Should be good. She’s excited and learning a ton. She is a part member family and baptizing her will complete the Rojas family. It will be so great! I’m so excited for her and her family.
We found a couple of families this week that have a ton of potential. We are really excited about the area! The zone is doing good and is working hard. I’m loving having the chance to serve my Savior. It’s the highlight of my life. I feel of his Spirit and love and peace a ton out here in the field.
Oh and a funny experience in the Robstown ward, missionaries make up half the choir. We sounded below par. But, I’m sure the Spirit maybe made up the difference in the choir performance? It was fun though! We had a lovely little dinner as an apartment of leftover little ceaser pizza and coke for Easter dinner. It worked 🙂
I love you all and hope you all have great weeks.
Les Amo!
Elder Russell

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