The Massaging Couch

Hey Family!

Well we had a really good week here in Robstown. Definitely never a dull moment up here in this area!
This past week Elder Moser and I put on a super special zone meeting. We really wanted the missionary’s in our zone to remember the reasons as to why they came out on a mission. We asked all the parents to send in videos of their missionary’s opening their call letters. It was so awesome! The Spirit was so strong in the meeting and the training went really well. We trained everybody on what the mission department came down and trained us on. Everybody should be better planners and more effective servants of the Lord here in the Sinton Zone.
One of our progressing investigators, Gloria, had quite a week. We were prepping her really well for her baptism and it came time to teach her the commandments. We taught her the word of wisdom and she agreed to live it! We knew it would be a big temptation for her to give up her alcohol and coffee in the morning so we ended up asking her to give all of the alcohol and coffee to us to show God she was ready to make the commitment. Needless to say, we ended up having a back seat full of Jack Daniels, Coffee, and Tea. Successful word of wisdom lesson? Yep. It was great.
The Lord definitely ended up blessing Gloria for it! We had a member randomly contact us and ask us if we knew anybody who needed a couch, we said we did! It ended up being a really nice messaging couch with lights and everything. We gave it to Gloria and she was so happy! Were happy too because we got to watch the Restoration movie on it last night and got a massage. She is doing super super well but we had to move her Baptism date back a week because of some issues from not coming to church. She should be getting baptized in just a couple of weeks.
Next, we had a little cool find this week! We found Carlos, a friend of a sister in the ward. Elder Moser and I just felt super impressed to go knock on some apartment doors, and we ended up finding him. He recognized us because he had some help from some missionary’s building a house one time. He came to church this last week AND to our meal appointment we had set up at a members house. He had some really good fellowship and definitely looks awesome for our April pool of investigators.
That’s about it!
Love y’all!
Elder Russell

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