Transfer 15

Querido Familia,

Another transfer comes and goes! I ended up only keeping Elder Moser for one transfer! My new comp is Elder Dominguez and I stayed here in good O’l Robstown in the Crack House. I love it here! We are starting to redraw the area maps and trying to reconfigure a couple of things in the zone right now to make everyone’s area more smooth. Elder Dominguez and I should have a little bit more area to work with too so that should be great.
We are still working with the same three general people because they all look the most solid for baptism. We are still working with Gloria, she came to church this last week so she is looking good for next week to get baptized. I have my fingers crossed for that one. She just got a new job so hopefully all goes well with that. Carlos came to church again. He is liking it but thinks he’s not prepared for baptism yet. He will be a little bit more slow progressing but I think he will eventually get baptized. He felt a little pressured.
We had a cool miracle at church this last week. We had an active member bring her step daughter to church and apparently she has been studying and researching about the church for years! She want’s to be baptized and as soon as her Dad and Step mom get custody, she should be  good to go. Hopefully that all plays out. She also mentioned that she has interest in going on a mission so Elder Dominguez and I are super excited to be working with her!
President changed things up this week with our Mission Leadership Conference we had down in McAllen. Now we count new investigators a little different. Before they are counted as new investigators, they have to keep their return appointment that was set up. Pretty interesting. Also, he said that we can take temple trips with the ward if we prepare recent converts for the trip! How cool is that right? It’s just for the current ward your serving in so that means I have to get the recent converts here in Robstown prepared for the temple and then we get to go to San Antonio!
The highlight of my whole week was last night. We felt prompted and guided by the Spirit to be knocking some apartments that we haven’t knocked before, so we went. We didn’t find anything. We felt pretty bummed and went and ate with the Escamillas. Around 8 last night, our plans fell through so we decided to go back and start knocking again. We found the coolest investigator ever. Her name is Debrah and she is so excited that she found us. She is already so excited to learn more about Jesus Christ and to get closer to him! She is cooking dinner for us Wednesday night before her first lesson! She will get baptized in no time! She is a prime example of people needing the gospel. She truly needs the healing power of the Atonement in her life. I’m so glad that we got the opportunity to meet her.
Love you all a ton!
Elder Russell

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