Last Skype of the Mission!

Hey Family!

Well, the last Skype of my mission just finished! I’m so glad we got to do it. It was such a good time even with the technical difficulties. It was cool getting to see the updated house! Everybody looked really good.
This week has been super busy. Elder Dominguez and I have been reorganizing the areas of the zone and have been looking at the demographics of members and helping everything run smooth. We made a plan and got to present it to President and he approved it. So we switched areas a little! Instead of only having half of Robstown, we have all of it! The member breakdown is a lot better now. That was exciting to get all set up.
With that new area addition, we went over to an old investigator of the other Elders that I have taught before. His name is Pablo. He has such a great spirit! We were able to give him a blessing again so he can overcome his word of wisdom issues. He said that every time we come over, it’s like a missing part of his life is filled. It was awesome. He recognizes the Spirit so strong! He is really excited to make it out to church this next weekend. Since the blessing, he hasn’t smoked. He has made awesome progress.
Another cool thing President had us do this week was he called last week and we had a meeting with the Stake President in Corpus Christi and the other zone leaders. He wanted us to set up a zone blitz down in a town called Falfurias and he set up the focus for our zone in this coming transfer.
The main focus of our area this week has been finding! That was the majority of our activity this week was finding new people and really setting up our area for this coming month. Other than that, not too many more new things!
I love you all so much and look forward to seeing you all again the next time!
Elder Russell

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