Lento, Pero Seguro.

Hey Family!

Well to be quite frank, we have had a tough couple of weeks. Satan has definitely been working hard to stop the progress of our work. We have been working super hard with not a ton of fruit for our labors. We are getting small miracles along the way, but yesterday at church, nobody came. It was pretty disappointing because not even a lot of the members showed up. It was raining pretty hard but I guess people just look for a reason not to go to church now days! But, I’m going to keep my head up. I know Lucifer works the hardest when he knows what kind of potential we have. I know that I can have success in these last three weeks I’ll be in Robstown. President told Elder Dominguez I will probably get moved out for my last transfer. He usually doesn’t have Zone leaders end their missions as zone leaders. So, maybe I will train again for my last transfer or something like that? That would be amazing!!
So, this week we were working with my favorite investigator up here, Elizabeth. She is the investigator we found riding by her chicken store on the side of the road. She is doing really well but yesterday there was a miscommunication over her ride to church so she wasn’t able to make it. Super big bummer. She is doing good other than that. She is battling every day with her word of wisdom issues and she is doing really well. She loves the church and I would love to be apart of her conversion. Her son in Mexico that’s a member will be so happy when she gets baptized!
We passed by Pablo this week as well to get an awesome surprise. He was so excited when we started talking to him, he was basically ready to shout it out to the world that he had quit smoking. I haven’t seen somebody that happy for so long. He told us since we have been teaching him, he has completely stopped cigarettes and heroin. That’s huge people. I was so happy for him. He talked about the blessing we gave him with the “magic oil” and how powerful he felt after. I have never received a stronger witness about the power of God than this week. He literally was healed from his addiction and his chains were lifted. He is begging to get baptized and to be a missionary. We told him because of his age and his kids, he can’t quite be a missionary yet, but he can get baptized. He had pre committed to an event Sunday so he will for sure come this weekend to church. Hopefully he can get baptized in a couple of weeks. His wife is super awesome as well. Hopefully she progresses just as fast as Pablo has.
That’s about it! I love you all so much and pray for you all every day. Have a great week and remember that God is in charge.
Les Amo!
Elder Russell

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