MLC, and an AP Exchange

Hey Family!

Such a good week this week!! I had a lot of driving to do once again, all the way down to McAllen for the mission leadership conference. It was great though. Definitely worth the time. Elder Dominguez and I actually get to train the zone on all that we learned tomorrow in Zone Meeting. It will be great! We learned mostly this week about the law of reaping and sowing. It was great! President talked a lot about how our faith, our visualization about the results we want to achieve are there, we can achieve any goal we set our minds to. I felt like I received a lot of revelation and guidance for our area through that training.
After the MLC, we got to have a little two day exchange with the AP’s. It was great! I had the opportunity to go with Elder Harker. He is a ball of energy. We had such a good time together! More importantly, when we were working, he taught me a pretty critical lesson, I truly had a paradigm shift. He taught me something about the principle of a vision. He talked to me about the why of missionary work and what we were truly doing as His servants. We came to the conclusion that we are working with the vision of establishing Zion, or God’s kingdom on earth. And so, when we look for people, we look for the kingdom builders, people who will effect the church forever down here in Robstown. It was pretty cool. We found several families together and we have a bunch of good potential and a good vision to work with.
We did some hard labor for a member this week. He has a farm and he was cutting down a ton of trees and tree limbs and we were hauling it all. It was good hard work and it lasted a good two hours or so. I have scrapes, I’m sore and I have about a million and a half mosquito bites on my body. It was good though! I truly believe in service because of my mission and the blessings and results that come in the lives of others and in your own.
Something I have been thinking about lately is something our mission president talked about. He told us, every action, everything we do in life has a consequence with God. We all have a bill, and that bill always arrives. Whether it be a good bill, for doing a lot of good things, or a bad bill, for not doing good things.The goal of the mission is to do many good things and to end up with a good bill. To be blessed, and to bless others. So, the goal of life, is to end with a positive bill. A bill with many blessings, and not with curses. Food for thought I guess 🙂
I love you all so much! I pray for you all every night and I know that our Savior lives and loves us. He is our advocate with the Father and has ultimately paid the price of our sins. I testify of that. I testify of this great and marvelous work that we are apart of. I know we can all make a difference and help our Savior and Heavenly Father establish Zion here on earth.
Elder Russell

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