Las Lomas

Hey Family!
Well, I got transferred! Start of my 16th transfer and I finally made it down here to the heart of the Valley. I got transferred to the area of Las Lomas. It’s pretty similar honestly to Laredo. It has a ton of hills (hence the name Las Lomas) and it’s right by the border. My new companion will be Elder Krommenhoek and he is legit! I love him a ton! He is a super funny guy and he lives just down the street from us back home. He is from West Valley, Utah.
Our area is golden! I love it here because the church is so young. We are in a branch of 50 people and we have the goal of creating a ward! We have about 6 Melchezidek priesthood holders depending on the week, maybe less, and a ton of relief society members. There is so much room to grow and help God’s kingdom down here. The branch is definitely something else. It has a pretty bad problem with gossip. It has caused the numbers to shrink by a ton because of a few specific incidences involving a few former branch presidents. Needless to say, there is work to be done down here.
We had four investigators at church this last week. Definitely a huge change from Robstown to here. I forgot how humble and cool the Mexican people are these past three months! We had a family of five there, Ericka and her kids. Only one is baptismal age but it will be great! Ericka is so cool! The first day I got here she showed up on our doorstep with a huge tub of Blue Bell Ice cream, literally my favorite ice cream in the world and introduced herself. She lives in the apartment just below us! She actually started investigating because she found a pamphlet one of the Elders had dropped and called the number. She should be getting baptized this Saturday or Sunday.
Our other super progressing investigator is named Mark. He is a friend of a member down here in the branch. He is super prepared! His first week at church he didn’t have church clothes, but after that week, he went and dropped like 400 dollars on new church clothes. You could say he’s pretty converted. He just wrapped up his fifth time at church so he’s looking golden. We just need to solve a couple more doubts and he should be hitting the waters pretty soon.
Our new district is great. We have Elder Krommenhoek, (the DL) Myself, Elder Lundburg (AP Last transfer) and Elder Barlow (The Greenie). It’s a super fun district. We nicknamed ourselves the Eagles because we are all eagle scouts. It’s a pretty funny inside joke.
Super excited for these coming weeks here in the mission. I could not have asked for a better place! Each of my areas has just truly increased my testimony of The Lord. Truly he puts us right exactly in the places we need to be at the time we need to be there. I love my Savior so much and I couldn’t thank Him more for these wonderful years I have been given by him.
Love you all so much,
Elder Russell

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