Baptism’s and Birthday’s.

Hey Family!

Crazy week and especially a crazy p-day! We were up early today taking studies before p-day started because this morning, surprise surprise, we had a baptism! We baptized Mark Perez. He is super awesome! We had his baptismal birthday for him today! Before, when Elder Christensen and Elder Krommenhoek were teaching Mark, they had a former baptismal date but before the week of his baptism he got in a car crash. He got pretty banged around so his baptism didn’t happen and the missionaries didn’t get to teach him for a bit. We got him back on track and he was able to finish the job today. Elder Krommenhoek got to do the ordinance and I will be doing the confirmation next week.
We have a couple new investigators that I am so PUMPED to teach. Especially one that gets me super excited is Myra and Hugo! They are super cool. They are good friends of our recent convert Erika and they came to her baptism. They are progressing good and definitely need the gospel in so many ways. Myra has her hands full with one of her kids being severely special needs and the other a ball of energy. They have a baptismal date for later this month and their first week of church will be this Sunday! Definitely keep them in your prayers.
Next is an investigator named Geraldine. She’s super cool. Gerldine is one of those people you would probably see on the street and judge and say no she wouldn’t be interested. But she is! She ended up being a little miracle showing up to one of our Family History nights here in the branch and she is really interested in baptism for her and her daughter.
Also, we are teaching a super awesome investigator named Olga.  She is a mother of a couple of kids in the ward. She recently told a really good member friend that she wanted to be baptized but she just wasn’t sure. We have been working with her ever since. She has so much potential but she has a couple of doubts that we are trying to overcome! Anything is possible with Christ though!
Last but not least we are still teaching Erik. He is the son of our recent convert Erika. He is super great and if all goes well, we should be having his baptism this weekend or the next. We are still talking about the best date for him!
Love you all so much! Have a great week!
Elder Russell

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