Impromptu talk and Erik’s baptism


As I think that the blessings in this area are coming to an end, we get more. This Thursday, we took one of our focus youth out, Yahir Vargas. He is legit. He is probably one of our strongest deacons… Actually, he is the only one in the Rio Grande Branch. We took him out because he is our best potential of a future missionary here and we started working. We went by one of his friends and he wasn’t home, we were packing it up and hopping into the truck and we saw a couple of ladies sitting outside. We decided to give them a couple of pass along cards and to to try to teach. They accepted us and we had a little lesson. There are times in a mission where you feel God’s hand in your teaching. Like He is there, giving guidance and helping you. I felt the Spirit so strong in that lesson. Yahir was so funny, we got in the truck and he said “Well that’s a couple of baptism’s in the bag!” Such a funny kid. He will be a great instrument in converting his family to the gospel here. That whole family came to church this weekend. They stayed 5 hours, all three hours of church, for the baptism, and ate with all of us after. They will be great converts after I leave.
We were preparing the church this Sunday for the sacrament (missionaries do everything here because the branch isn’t really functioning.) I was writing out the program and we noticed there was only one speaker. We were like that’s funny but printed it out anyways. Turns out, it was only the Stake President planned to speak. Right after the sacrament, He whispers over to me on the sacrament table that he would like for me to teach the plan of salvation to everyone here in 4 minutes. He said he would be timing. So I did. It was pretty fun getting to teach all the members like that. After that President Salmond gave one of the best talks I have ever heard in my life. He spoke about a parable of Christ and how we can all prepare ourselves for His coming.
After the service we had the baptismal service of Erik. He was great. He got so nervous right before the baptism happened! He was fidgeting in his seat and he got so nervous walking into the font. The baptism went great and the third time was the charm. His foot loved to slip outside of the font! He was so happy and I was so glad he could join his Mom in God’s church.
I don’t have too much time, but I love you all. I know the Lord is reaching out to each and every single one of us every day of our lives. He loves us. He listens to our prayers. And he will never abandon those who love Him. I love you all and I will make sure to write a couple of things for my last week. Thank you all for the amazing support you have given me out here in the mission field.
Elder Russell

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